An unusual year on Curacao

It have been unrealistic months

For you, for us. A time which started with astonishment led to unity to battle Covid-19 together. Now many of us want to broaden horizons again and long for more freedom. And Curacao, where life mostly takes place outside, is the perfect destination in answer to that need.

Obviously, the restrictions have had its effect on our island, on many companies and on the way of living on Curacao.
But borders will open again and precautions are being relaxed. One thing is for sure: your holiday will be an unique one, filled with lots of amazing quality time.

What is the current situation on the island

Curacao has responded very energetically. Immediately, when the first few cases emerged on the island, all borders were closed, followed by a strict lockdown.
As a result, there have been 22 people diagnosed but no local infections at all. Since a couple of weeks, the lockdown is over. Keeping social distancing and extra hygiene measures are still a requirement. And gathering of 25 people or more is not allowed.

When are visitors and tourists welcome again

Curacao government confirmed that 1 July is the target date to open borders for tourists coming from The Netherlands, Germany and Belgium.
Quarantine is no longer required and everybody can move freely respecting social distance and hygiene measures.
On the airport you can expect a more intense check. Face-covering is required and distancing guidelines apply in the entire airport.

Jan Kok Lodges

The Lodges offer a lot of privacy and there is plenty of space to ensure social distancing. Around your apartment or studio and also at the pool area, parking area, outdoor kitchen, in the garden etc. We have always maintained excellent standards of hygiene and cleanliness and have added a few extra activities to make your stay as safe and comfortable as possible. Our staff wears gloves and when needed a face mask and we provide plenty of hand sanitizer. Air-conditions are cleaned and ventilated on a weekly basis and on the day of your arrival. We make sure you feel safe, secure, comfortable and right at home at Jan Kok Lodges.


All beaches are open and with the exception of social distance and hygiene measures there is no difference than usual. It might even be better. As cruise-ships will not visit Curacao this year, the beaches will be even more relaxed and even more paradise-like than usual. Snorkling, swimming, hiking and beach yoga will be better than ever!

Restaurants and beach-bars

Restaurants and beach-bars are all open and also here goes of course to respect social distance and hygiene measures. Many restaurants started take out service, so if you feel more comfortable eating at the Lodges but don’t want to cook yourself, the options are plenty.

Supermarkets and shops

Also supermarkets and shops are open. And the same goes here: respect social distance and hygiene measures. At the entrance, your hands will be disinfected with a gel. But everything is open as normal.

Beautiful holiday

If you are longing for freedom and air-to-breathe. If you are ready for a change of scenery where you feel welcome and confident. If you love sunshine, white sandy beaches, nature and delicious food. Then Curacao is your place to be.
It is time for new beautiful memories!