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Eating out

Hi from culinary Curacao! When you will be making your way over here for a dreamy holiday, keep reading ahead for our favorite places to spoil your appetite. Discover the little out-of-the way spots, go on a culinary adventure and check out the best breakfast and lunch joints.

Bandabou area

Bandabou is the region name for the west part of Curacao. It roughly starts at Grote Berg and goes all the way to Westpunt.
Jan Kok Lodges is located in Bandabou. And close to the Lodges you will find many great places to eat.

Bali Grote Berg
Kaya Grote Berg 4, daily 12 am – 10 pm, Saturday & Sunday as of 8 am
Delicious Indonesian, Thai and Suriname dishes for breakfast (weekend only) lunch and dinner.

De Buurvrouw
Weg naar Westpunt, Tuesday – Sunday 2 pm – 9 pm
Local and international oriented lunch and diner.

Karakter Curacao
Coral Estate, daily 8 am – 9 pm
Beach and lounge restaurant around the corner of Jan Kok Lodges.

Coral Estate, daily 10 am – 10 pm
Rooftop bar and restaurant for casual lunch, dinner and cocktails.

St Willibrordus, daily 8 am – 11 pm
Toko just around Jan Kok Lodges’ corner serving local food, famous for its goat burger.

De Visserij
Piscaderabaai, Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday 12 am – 9 pm
Fresh frish, lovely laid‑back restaurant. Reservations not possible.

De Lantarnu
Weg naar Soto, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday 5 pm – 10 pm
Great bistro restaurant for inside or outside lunch or dinner.

Restaurant X
Weg naar Bullebaai, daily 5 pm – 11 pm
Fine dining and wonderful wines.

Sol Food
On the way to Playa Kalki, Friday, Saturday & Sunday 12 am – 10 pm
Pizza, amazing salads and more while you enjoy the breathtaking view overlooking the bay.

Landhuis Daniel
Weg naar Westpunt, daily 12 pm – 10 pm
Tropical bistro serving a mix of French, Dutch, Caribbean and Asian cuisine.

Willemstad area

The lively capital city offers very varied restaurants and cafes. From Jan Kok Lodges you reach Willemstad in about 20 minutes by car.
Park at the Riffort (free of charge) and walk into the city via the Pontjesbrug.

Mundo Bizarro
Nieuwstraat 12, Pietermaai, daily 8 am- 1 am
Cuban oriented restaurant serving breakfast, lunch and dinner and some pretty good cocktails.

Kome Restaurant
Johan van Walbeeckplein 6, Tuesday – Saturday 12 am- 10 pm
Lunch, dinner and tapas with an international twist.

Plasa Bieu
De Ruyterkade, Monday – Saturday during lunch time
Local food market serving lots of different local lunch dishes. You sit at large communal tables. The place to sample authentic cuisine at an affordable price.

Serafina Restaurant
Lombokstraat, Monday-Saturday 6.00 pm – 10 pm
Romantic outdoor Italian dining. Limited but very fresh menu.

La Bohème
Columbusstraat 4, Monday-Saturday 8 am – 10 pm
Juices and smoothies made with fresh fruits and huge sandwiches which will satisfy a large appetite.

Saint Tropez Ocean Club
152 Pietermaai, daily 8 am – 10 pm
International cuisine with a local twist.

La Reina
Kaya Wilson Godett 86, Monday-Saturday 7.30 am – 5 pm
Breakfast, lunch and pastries. Also visit the adjoining lifestyle store in the back of the shop.

Kaya Papa Wilson Godett 82-84, daily 8 am – 10 pm
Breakfast, lunch and dinner on the partly covered courtyard at the seaside.

Rozendaels Restaurant
Penstraat 35, daily 5 pm – 10 pm
Local Creole and international dishes.

Restaurant Nultwintig
Penstraat 300, Monday-Sunday 12 am – 12 pm
Culinairy hotspot serving dishes to the upmost highest level.

BKLYN Curaçao
Loostraat 1, Tuesday-Saturday 5 pm – 12 pm
Cocktails and quality bites in a laid‑back vibe.

Bonchi Coffeehouse
Hanchi Snoa 14, Monday-Friday 7.30 am – 2 pm, Saturday 9 am – 4 pm
Coffee and the best sweets in a lovely street in Punda.

Just outside Willemstad

When you have crossed the Juliana bridge, you will find quite a few restaurants and cafes that are not to be missed.
For a nice breakfast or lunch or for coffee on the go.

Hofi Cas Cora
Reigerweg Z/N, Landhuis Cas Cora, Friday 10 am – 4 pm, Saturday & Sunday 9 am – 3 pm
Farm, eatery and market place. Breakfast and lunch with fresh organic ingredients.

Number Ten Curaçao
Santa Rosaweg 10, Monday-Friday 7.30 am – 4 pm
Breakfast and lunch and amazing pastry, inside or in the green garden. Tip: combine this with a visit to Landhuis Bloemhof and the Cathedral of Thorns.

KAFÉ 5999
Kaya Jacob Posner, Monday – Friday 7 am – 3 pm
Coffee, breakfast and lunch and the best cookies and cakes. Also for on the go.

8020 Shakebar
Nieuwe Caracasbaaiweg 47, Monday-Friday 7 am – 3 pm, Saturday 9 am – 2 pm
Healthy shakes and meals, also for on the go.

Bliss The Berry
Mambo beach boulevard, daily 7.30 am – 4.30 pm
Açaí bowls, smoothies, cakes, sandwiches, waffles, pancakes and great coffees.

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Day trip to Klein Curacao

A trip to Klein Curacao is quite a must when you are here!

The small, deserted bounty island is reached by boat in approx. 2 hours.
From the Caracas Bay on the main island, you sail towards the eastern point of Curacao and then onto the open seas.

The sea is often wilder during the outward journey than on the return. It is therefore advisable not to eat (too much) before departure, also because you will be spoiled with a nice breakfast once on Klein Curacao. Keep your eyes open for flying fish during the trip and sometimes you will even spot some dolphins!

Once you arrive on Klein Curacao turtles are often swimming next to the boat, beautiful to see! And the island itself… the sand is brighter than bright and the sea more intense blue than you have ever seen before. The long beach invites you for a beautiful walk, while searching for colorful shelves and little stones. Make sure to look for the many curious hermit crabs as well.
It is now time to snorkel, scuba dive or for a walk to the old iconic pink lighthouse and the shipwreck, which you will find on the other side of the island. In the early afternoon fresh lunch is being served. And without loud music, shops and restaurants it is so easy to come to yourself and relax the day away with a book or simply enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

Around 4 o’clock you leave the island to go back to Curacao. And while watching the sunset you will for sure be so happy for experiencing this unforgettable day.


There are several operators offering trips to Klein Curacao. You can choose from a sturdy sea-going vessel, catamarans to a power boat.
The facilities on the island also differ per operator. A few have their own beach house (more shade and comfort). Others offer (only some) shade cloths on the island. Make sure to bring your snorkel gear, your sunscreen and a towel, that is actually all you need.

Breakfast, lunch and drinks are included with most tours. The only additional costs are for alcoholic beverages.

We are more than happy to make your reservation. Make sure to book at least a couple of days in advance as availability is limited.

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An unusual year on Curacao

It have been unrealistic months

For you, for us. A time which started with astonishment led to unity to battle Covid-19 together. Now many of us want to broaden horizons again and long for more freedom. And Curacao, where life mostly takes place outside, is the perfect destination in answer to that need.

Obviously, the restrictions have had its effect on our island, on many companies and on the way of living on Curacao.
But borders will open again and precautions are being relaxed. One thing is for sure: your holiday will be an unique one, filled with lots of amazing quality time.

What is the current situation on the island

Curacao has responded very energetically. Immediately, when the first few cases emerged on the island, all borders were closed, followed by a strict lockdown.
As a result, there have been 22 people diagnosed but no local infections at all. Since a couple of weeks, the lockdown is over. Keeping social distancing and extra hygiene measures are still a requirement. And gathering of 25 people or more is not allowed.

When are visitors and tourists welcome again

Curacao government confirmed that 1 July is the target date to open borders for tourists coming from The Netherlands, Germany and Belgium.
Quarantine is no longer required and everybody can move freely respecting social distance and hygiene measures.
On the airport you can expect a more intense check. Face-covering is required and distancing guidelines apply in the entire airport.

Jan Kok Lodges

The Lodges offer a lot of privacy and there is plenty of space to ensure social distancing. Around your apartment or studio and also at the pool area, parking area, outdoor kitchen, in the garden etc. We have always maintained excellent standards of hygiene and cleanliness and have added a few extra activities to make your stay as safe and comfortable as possible. Our staff wears gloves and when needed a face mask and we provide plenty of hand sanitizer. Air-conditions are cleaned and ventilated on a weekly basis and on the day of your arrival. We make sure you feel safe, secure, comfortable and right at home at Jan Kok Lodges.


All beaches are open and with the exception of social distance and hygiene measures there is no difference than usual. It might even be better. As cruise-ships will not visit Curacao this year, the beaches will be even more relaxed and even more paradise-like than usual. Snorkling, swimming, hiking and beach yoga will be better than ever!

Restaurants and beach-bars

Restaurants and beach-bars are all open and also here goes of course to respect social distance and hygiene measures. Many restaurants started take out service, so if you feel more comfortable eating at the Lodges but don’t want to cook yourself, the options are plenty.

Supermarkets and shops

Also supermarkets and shops are open. And the same goes here: respect social distance and hygiene measures. At the entrance, your hands will be disinfected with a gel. But everything is open as normal.

Beautiful holiday

If you are longing for freedom and air-to-breathe. If you are ready for a change of scenery where you feel welcome and confident. If you love sunshine, white sandy beaches, nature and delicious food. Then Curacao is your place to be.
It is time for new beautiful memories!

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Beaches: roadtrip to Westpoint

Today we are making a little road trip, driving from the Lodges to Westpunt and back.

Jan Kok Lodges is located centrally, in the middle of the island. When you drive East, you will go to Willemstad and further on to (more touristc) Jan Thiel. When you drive to the less crowded and less tourist West, you will experience a very different landscape. With different vegetation, mostly more greener and there are also more hills compared to the East. Also here, from Jan Kok Lodges to Westpoint, you will find beautiful beaches.
Departing from the Lodges, we will take the main road, the road to Westpunt (which says it all 😊) and returning to the Lodges, we will take the coast-road, so you actually will not cross the same road twice.

Our first stop is at the Weg naar Westpunt at the Kunuku House or Kas di pal’I maishi. A small historical museum with objects and lots of info on the rural population of Curacao. If you want you can attend workshops and participate in a tour – for this, however, check their facebook page before your visit.

After this educational break we continue and drive further to Westpunt. On the way, we enjoy the colorful houses and pass Landhuis Dokterstuin and Landhuis Ascension, which we will visit some other time.
At Westpunt we stop at Playa Kalki for lunch. We park along the road (no need to park at nearby hotel Kura Hulanda, where you will be charged a parking fee) and take the steps down to the beach. You enter a shady wooden terrace with a diving school at your left and a cute little informal restaurant at your right. Sitting here in the shadow, overlooking the blue sea, enjoying a cool drink and some food….we doubt whether there are any better places to be at. The reef in front of Playa Kalki is known as Alice in Wonderland and is a gorgeous shore dive. But for now we resist diving in and continue our trip.

We make a short stop at Playa Kenepa Chiki, or Kleine Knip, a sweet white sandy bay between rocks, popular for long BBQ afternoons.
Next to Kleine Knip is Grote Knip, or Playa Kenepa Grandi, a beautiful lagun between high rocks. You will definitely be amazed by the blue color of the sea. There are plenty of sunbeds available and there is a simple bar where you can get drinks, smoothy’s and something to eat. Here we stay a little longer, the snorkeling is always great! There is a big change you will meet some sea turtles and manta rays here.

Then it is time to drive back to the Lodges, but not before we make a stop at San Juan, a wonderful spot if you want to get off the beaten path.
You enter the estate via a gate near the main road. Following is a dirt road, which eventually ends right before the ruins of landhouse San Juan. You will be greeted by a representative of the family that owns the estate and he will collect 10 Nafl entrance fee.
Beyond the landhouse is a dirt road leading to 4 beautiful beaches. Note that the dirt roads in dry season can be a challenge. During wet season you need a four-wheel drive to get around. If you find the roads too challenging (and important: do not have the right car insurance which allows you to drive on dirt roads) – don’t worry, wondering and exploring the ruins of the landhouse is already an adventure. Make sure to leave the estate again before 6 PM, when the gate will be closed (and we are actually not sure whether there is somebody checking whether there are still visitors around).

Approx 15 minutes later we are back at the Lodges, a wonderful day it surely was.

More information

Kas di pal’i maishi, open from 10 AM tot 2 PM. Entrance fee Nafl 10 per person. More info on facebook Museum Kas Di Pal’i Maishi.
Playa Kalki, the restaurant is open daily and closes around 4.30 PM.
Grote Knip and Kleine Knip free entrace.
San Juan, open daily till approx. 6 PM (ask the guard), entrance fee 10 Nafl per car.

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Health and beauty: 8 The Experience

We were thinking….what could give you even more a holiday feeling besides white beaches, sunshine and beautiful nature?
Well, for many of us the answer might be to treat yourself to a massage. Or any other pampering: get your nails done, a fresh haircut, some new make up.
Maybe even better, a whole day, just for yourself, at a beautiful spa.

Curacao offers quite a few spa’s. But we certainly love ‘8 the experience’, which is close to the Lodges, just appox. 10 minutes drive.
And, as the spa is located near the sea, 8 gives you, and we do not exaggerate, the best view you ever had while getting your hair done.

When arriving at 8, you first enter the shop. Here, the product line of Aveda is being sold (the brand which is also being used for all treatments in the spa and the studio).
Aveda is fully organic and made of natural flower and plant ingredients and needless to say, smells lovely too.
8 offers body-, hair-, massage- and facial treatments. Prior to your visit to 8, it is best to check the website first and based on your wishes, make a reservation.
If you walk a little further, passing the lounge (where coffee, tea and fresh juices are being served) and turn right, you enter the spa area. Here are the open-air treatment rooms, all with a stunning view overlooking the sea.
After or in between treatments you can relax outdoors by the meditation pool or in one of the jacuzzis. There is also a sauna, a steam room, and a ‘one of a kind’ igloo room kept at 5 degrees Celsius. Everything just looks as amazing as it sounds. The place is decorated with an eye for detail and gives a relaxing and comfortable feeling.
On certain days, also yoga classes are being given. Make sure, if you have the availability, to sign up for one of these, we can definitely recommend.

On the other side of the building, you will find the studio. There is a special treatment area for hand and feet – and it’s a fact that, being in the tropics, walking bare feet all day, screams for well taken care nails and feet 😊. Here, you can also have your hair done. Just a cut or blow-dry, but we recommend to chose for a so-called Botanical Therapy treatment, which will make your hair look healthier, shinier and feel luxuriously soft and silky.

Oh, oh, leaving 8, you will look and feel stunning!!


8 The Experience
Coral Estate
La Puerta Business Center
Rif St Marie – Sint Willibrordus

Phone: (+5999) 735 2388


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Culture: Landhuis Habaai

A few weeks ago we paid a visit to former plantation house Landhuis Habaai. It was a few years (!) since our last one and although we pass by almost every day it obviously took way too long! Really too bad, because the landhuis is beautiful, cheerful and full of color. And Gallery Alma Blou, which now is located in the landhuis, is inspiring.

First a little history
Landhuis is the Dutch term for plantation house. Most of them were built in the 18th and 19th century and each plantation had a different function. Some grew fruits and vegetables, others produced sugar cane. Salt mining was the most profitable one.
Landhuis Habaai is built in the 18th century and one of the oldest in Curacao. In the beginning it was a plantation, later it served as a country retreat. In the 19th century it became a boarding school and orphanage. The name Habaai comes from a former Jewish resident.

Art and Culture
When you arrive at the landhuis (you can easily park right in front of it, along the street), you already notice there is something artistic going on here.
The landhouse itself, and even the mailbox, is beautifully decorated.
Inside you first enter the gallery, which actually is the oldest and largest gallery on the island. Here you will find local and Caribbean art. From little paintings to large sculptures. But also ceramics and jewelry. All art has a Caribbean character and it is clear that the artists are inspired by the island: the sea, landscape, the people etc. The very kind woman who works here is more than happy to tell you all about the art. We were especially impressed by the work of Iris Pérez-Romero and loved the sculptures of Otmar Jenny.
Walking a bit further you will find yourself at a wonderful bricked up terrace. Here, often cultural events are being organized such as concerts, book presentations and poetry readings. Take a seat, order a refreshing drink and enjoy the special atmosphere! It is a lovely place!


Landhuis Habaai
Frater Radulphusweg 4
Willemstad, Curaçao

Phone: (+5999) 462-8896

Opening Hours
Tuesday – Friday: 9:30 AM – 5:30 PM
Saturday: 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM
Monday: Closed


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Culture: Scharloo

Scharloo is the neighborhood at the northside of de Waaigat harbor in Punda, Willemstad. It is the youngest colonial district of the city and known for its colorful mansions built in the 18th century. During that time, Curacao was a popular port with wealthy shipyard owners who lived in these beautiful houses.

Last week we visited Scharloo (although we come here more often, not the least for the good coffee, more about that later).
We parked our car in Punda and walked via the floating market and crossed the bridge to Scharloo. The first thing you see is the Maritime Museum, located in a beautiful restored building. The museum shows more than 500 years maritime history of Curacao and in addition organizes several tours, also a harbor tour. Definitely worth a visit!

Before the museum, go to the right where at the end you enter a small alley. The small houses were originally built for the people who worked on the shipyards. Further on you will find more of these houses, all painted in similar bright colors.
At the end of the alley, turn right and you will see a building with a gorgeous colorful nature mural. Since a couple of years, Scharloo is more and more well known for its murals, which are all being initiated by Street Art Skalo. This organization makes it possible for the artists to make their master pieces. Street Art Skalo wants to bring people together through art by making the streets of the district more beautiful. Their mission: turning Scharloo into the creative district of Curacao.

When you walk straight ahead you are at the Scharlooweg, which is parallel to the Waaigat. Here you will find many of the beautiful restored mansions. All of them with baroque elements and painted in the most vibrant colors: pink, green, yellow, blue and bright red. Many of them host governmental institutions or function as business offices.

Today Scharloo is slowly becoming a hipster district. Not only because of the many murals but also because of the presence of creative businesses and new local (lunch)shops.
When you turn around and walk back to the building with the colorful nature mural, turn right and here is the shop of Integra Natural. The address for hand made natural products like body scrubs, lip balms, body lotions, soaps and much more. You will not leave without buying a couple of things! At the opposite of the street is Eatery Shop Fleur de Marie (Fleur de Marie is the name of the area on the rocky slope northwest of Scharloo). A little further (back to the main street at your right), is lunch café Beyglz. You can sit inside (where it is lovely cool) or at the terrace in the back. We enjoyed coffee (as always), fresh juice and some good food. For sure we will be back!


Maritime Museum www.curacaomaritime.com
Street Art Skalo www.scharlooabou.com/street-art-skalo
Integra Natural, Bargestraat 28D, open Mon-Fri 9.00 to 12. 00 AM
Beyglz Bitterstraat 17, open Mon-Fri 9.00 AM to 3.00 PM

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Food & Drinks: de Visserij for fresh local fish

When spending your holidays on an island, it is impossible to not enjoy a meal (or two or three) with fresh fish.
You can choose to drive in the early morning to one of the nearby beaches and buy from the local fishermen and prepare your seafood on your BBQ.
A lovely alternative is to have lunch or diner at De Visserij.

De Visserij is located in Piscadera, approx. 15 minutes drive from Jan Kok Lodges (follow the direction to Willemstad), directly near the sea and next to Pirate Bay beach.
It’s a perfect location: fishing boats just stop right at the restaurant to drop off their catch of the day.

The restaurant offers a simple concept. At the entry there is a counter with a large menu on the wall. You can choose from Dradu, Mula, Tuna, Red Snapper, fish soup, etc. And there are several (simple) side dishes too: salad, fries, bread (sweetbaked bread), etc. Place and pay your order for food and drinks and pick your seat overlooking the sea or more in the middle of the restaurant.

We ordered Tuna, Red Snapper and scrimps. And were definitely not disappointed at all. As a side order we had salad, fries and some funchi. Everything is prepared with simple seasoning and you really taste the fish as it should be! We will be back for sure!


Open Monday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 11.00 AM to 9.00 PM.
Making a reservation is not possible.
Located in Piscadera next to Pirate Bay.

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Beaches: Playa Porto Mari

Grab your swimwear, towel, sunscreen and snorkeling set and off you go, to Playa Porto Mari.
Within just a couple of minutes drive from Jan Kok Lodges, taking the road leading along the salt ponds with flamingo birds, you will reach the private estate of Plantages Porto Mari.

Porto Mari beach is perfect for families with little ones. The sea is calm and easy and there are not many rocks, so with a little one on your hip you easily walk in. But also everybody else, with or without children, will fall in love with the white sandy beach and the turquoise water. And once in the sea you can swim to the raft and just sit there, overlooking the shore, with your feet in the clear blue see….that comes pretty close to paradise.

Back on the beach, there are plenty of sunbeds, which are situated in a way that you have enough space and privacy and there are also sunscreens offering enough shadow (which you need!).
There is a restaurant, serving good coffee and shakes and the lunch menu is pretty good, offering healthy sandwiches and salads and also warm dishes.
Next to the restaurant you find Porto Mari Sports, where you can arrange your dive lessons and rent snorkel gear. Porto Mari is well known for its unique double reef and thus a popular diving spot. There are two snorkel trails you can follow, get more info about these in the shop.


Open daily from 9.30 AM to 18.30 PM. Closed on 31 December and Carnival Sunday.
Entrance fee Nafl 5 per person (children do not pay entrance fee).
Parking is free and there are always enough spots available. For the sunbeds and screens you pay a small fee.

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Nature: The oldest tree of the island in Hòfi Pastor

Not far from the Lodges, in approx. 20 minutes, you will be in Barber, a sleeply little town with a beautiful church and a lovely place to enjoy nature: National Park Hòfi Pastor.

Driving from direction Willemstad, Hòfi Pastor is just right after the yellow church. There is a small parking area and when you enter the park you are being greeted by a sweet lady who asks you to pay a small entry fee. She will explain about the two trails you can follow, both approx. 2 km.

So off you go, first you will see the beautiful mango trees and when you walk a little further the oldest tree of Curacao, a giant Kapok tree, for sure will impress you! The Kapok tree was brought to Curacao over 400 years ago, by the first inhabitants of the island, the Caiquetios, a tribe of peaceful Arawak Indians who fled a fiercer tribe in Venezuela. The tree, in these hundreds of years,  now has grown to be a national monument. Some say it has a ‘sensual’ form, although our kids just call it a tree for a little wizard ?, with it’s freeky shapes.

It is so nice to walk in this beautiful park and experience the feeling of being in the woods. It’s shady with many, many small and larger trees (you have to bend over quite some times not to hit the trees) and the smell of nature and green does so good.
There are hawks and a few donkeys, butterflies and iguanas and you will see Kenepas and other tropical fruit trees.

At the end of the trail, which brings you back to the entrance of the park, there are picknick tables and here you can get a cool soda or fruit drink, while you are being chased by the chicken (and the kids play on the swings).

The park is being guarded by Amigu Di Tera, Friends of the Earth of Curacao, and they are working hard to keep it being a protected area where the trees will always bear fruit… so that everyone, especially children, have the opportunity of experiencing the wonders of nature.

When walking made you hungry, make sure to visit the snèk just outside the park, across the street. The lady there will make some good toast!


The park is open each day except on Friday. Opening hours are from 9 AM to 5 PM.
The entrance fee is Nafl. 5 per person.
Make sure to wear good shoes (no flipflops).

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